Shuri Ryu Self Defense



Shuri-Ryu Karate, is an comprehensive martial arts system brought to the United
States by Robert Trias (1923 - 1989). 

Exposed to Shuri-Ryu while stationed at Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands, Trias is, reportedly, the first Caucasian to teach Karate in the United States, he opened his first public dojo in 1946 in Phoenix, Az.  

According to modern Shuri Ryu stylists, Shu which means to learn from tradition, Ri means to transcend or go beyond, and Ryu means any style or particular school of thought. Although according to the Japanese and Okinawan language Shu(首) means head, Ri(里) means Village and Ryu (流) means Style.

The style of Shuri Ryu is taught in the United States, parts of Europe, and South America.